4 Immediate Hire Positions - Full Time - Entry Level Sales & Marketing


Looking to get a position quickly that could also turn into a career?
We are currently hiring for an ENTRY LEVEL sales and marketing position to support daily branch activities. The responsibilities of the position include meeting with clients, training, Social Media, leadership development, etc.
Our company is committed to maintaining a challenging, fun work environment that promotes personal accountability, personal growth, and an active role in the driving vision of the company. Who knows, your next "job well done" could be in the form of a pair of Air Jordans, a gift-card to Nordstrom Rack or a trip to Puerto Rico (ask Donte M.)!!
"I have grown extensively both personally and professionally as a result of working with the company. I enjoy the personal coaching and career guidance from the President." Cori T.

The Exciting Opportunities at Blue:
Philanthropic events
Weekly 1-on-1 coaching from the President of the company
Positively competitive, fun, and energetic team environment
Travel opportunities across the U.S. and Internationally
Rapid advancement (no seniority)
Shopping with the President
Training in all areas of Business Management and Business Development

Typically people with a great sense of humor, great fashion sense, great people skills, and an outgoing personality do very well in our industry.

Must be willing to commute daily to Woodfield Mall area.
Excellent communication skills- both verbal and written
Leadership experience
Ability to work in a high energy and fast paced environment
Ambition, strong work ethic and willingness to learn
Be a self-starter with problem solving skills

To apply, call our HR Department at (847) 397-9312 or submit your resume.
Please feel free to browse our website and become part of our social network:

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