Teacher I Infants

Company Name:
One Hope United
The Infant Teacher I will assist with classroom management by:
?Supporting classroom activities and implementing developmentally appropriate lesson plans that stimulate childrens physical, mental, social, emotional and cognitive growth.
?Maintaining ongoing communications with parents and families.
?Collaborating with co-teachers on best practices and creating a warm and welcoming environment for children.
A minimum of 2 years of professional experience working with children in a classroom setting.
Required Skills
?Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
?Ability to maintain confidential information and materials
?Ability to stay current on developments in early learning field to enhance professional growth
?Must be able to physically interact with children, involving both fine and gross motor skills, and lift up to 40 pounds
?Ability to use positive approaches to help children solve problems
?Ability to arrange classroom in well-defined learning centers that stimulate childrens interests and encourage independent use
?Ability to follow all safety and health guidelines in accordance with state, federal, NAEYC and One Hope United regulations

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